Monday, February 8, 2010

Kaitlyn's Meet Feb 2010

Here is the video from Kaitlyn's Meet. She placed 3rd on Bars, 5th on beam, 1st on floor, and 2nd on vault. She place 1st in all around. She also moved up a level!!

Brandon's meet Feb 2010

Here is the video of Brandon at the meet. He did SOOO much better than we thought he would. As his coach said he put his "Game face" on and actually tried. He got 7's in most events but did get a 8.5 on P-Bars!! He had so much fun.

Joshua's Gymnastic Meet Feb 2010

Here is Joshua's Meet video. He did awesome!! His coach said he really has a lot of talent and potential. He was upset that he fell on the vault but he was one of three boys that tried it. Joshua got a 9.1 on rings, 9.1 on P bars, 9.2 on Pommel horse, a 8.9 on high bar, and a 8.8 on vault.